Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ricky Gervais, Ramblings and ideas for posts, articles, interviews

Ricky Gervais new show on HBO is animated. Ricky was interviewed in March of 2010 by NPR David Beincoolie or whatever the hell his name is. He a TV critic for ???

I love the Francis McDormand character in Burn After Reading.

William Goldman and his misinformation or misunderstanding about the auteur theory.

Lana Turner and Gene Tierney were both loved and lusted after on the sets of their movies.

Miles in Sideways was a very well-drawn, well-written and fleshed out character. And I do feel sympathy for him. Just as I do Harry in The Night and the City even though he is supposed to be a real jerk and loser. I think he is drawn sympathetic enough, for me me to find empathy for him anyway.

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