Thursday, April 29, 2010

Latest homogenized celebrity face Alexa Ray Joel

Alexa Ray Joel shaved down her nose and it took away all the individuality of her face as one can see in this before and after. The same thing happened to Jennifer Gray and Kim Kardashian. Thank god for women like Sarah Jessica Parker who don't get thier strong or big or "ethnic" looking noses changed into a petite turned up WASP- blonde Barbie doll nose.
Why must women look so homogenized??? I think it is a "WASP Nordic- Germanic" look that is considered "ideal." There is subtle racism in the need to conform to this ideal. Brittany Murphy was a victim of it. Her self-destructive tendencies didn't do well with her need to conform to the ideal. To look like a Diane Kruger or an Amanda Seyfired. They epitomize that ideal. Esp, with their damn turned up noses. Oh, don't hate them because they are beautiful. LOL
Perhaps Barbra Streisand was a pioneer in not changing her nose and her "individual" look. SJP may have had some plastic surgery, but she didn't turn her nose and face into yet another bland boring blonde. Or brunette. Whatever the hell.

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I'm always going on & on about celebs like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Lohan who all feel the need not to be so much WASPY but actually Scandinavian. Nicole Kidman is just such a person and she is truly WHITE! She doesn't wanna be the Ginger, she wants to be girl from Oslo or Stockholm. Being of mixed race myself and so many nationalities, I can be anything but have a better shot at pulling off the WASPY than any of these bitches above combined.