Monday, August 23, 2010

Jennifer Anniston

Jen Anniston's movie tanked but her publicist's worked it by having the headline be about her guest role on Friend Courtney's show Cougartown. she will find more fulfilling work on Television as she did before and as all the women are saying the best roles are: Virginia Madsen., Nora Ephron (from Vanity Fair funny women issue) What does it mean that The Switched tanked so very badly. Does it mean she can't "open" a film? IF Julia Roberts opens Eat, Pray Love with a smash how will JA feel inside. Will she tell anyone if she feels worth-less in comparison? Is a person perceived as "worth-less as a human soul if they tank and film in such a public way.j Or an analogous humiliating situation?
I do knopw that Jen Anniston will continue to be at the heart of the tabloid drama wars, nearly nude magazine covers, coorporate sponsorship of products, appearances on talk shows with witty reparte and banter. But will this translate into more big Rom com "failure" parts of the last few years: The Break-Up, The Switch, Rumor has it now that Jen is 40? I wonder? Films that she was supposed to "open" in the Julia Roberts way. Not like Me and Marley with Owen Wilson.
But Holy Cow! She has no-less than 10 films in pre-production--checked it out on imdb So it really doesn't matter if she is that booked! OK but still, what affect if any does it have on films to sign on for, to get the green light with her name scheduled for 2013 and 2014?

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Anonymous said...

jennifer anniston is still sexy and her acting is still amusing. How could you not like her role in the Breakup that was a great friggin movie. or how about that new movie with Gerard Butler? Jennifer Anniston will continue to be hot probably until she's 100. GO ANNISTON