Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Death and the Miser by Heironymous Bosch

I was searching for an image that represented HELL. The Hell state. The awful nightmare of the world this artist sometimes paints. But this is all I found on Flickr. I would have used Munch's The Scream, but that has become too cliche. But I feel what the cliche of the Scream has come to represent. OK nothing quite as serious as physical abuse, drug-dealing, homelessness, is in my life right now; or things like the plague that Hieronymus Bosch seems to represent in his art.
My soul does feel like it is dying. I feel like numbing my frustration, malaise and the pain of unrealized passions with wine. and weed. And sex/romance fantasies with young beautiful lovers. wow this must sound like a pathetic joke. Fuck it.