Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Russ Meyer a young Edward Olive But it is really Roger Ebert.

he wrote Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and they showed it in a film class I was taking in like 1979. I had been watching Siskel and Ebert on PBS in 1978 and I loved that show.
I love talking about Russ Meyer but I have a hard time sitting through one non-stop. He was a character, consummate art and crafter...whatever the hell and artist however .............just like I hate sitting through the seriously weird and sadistic images. It is ironic.....or something.........

Did anyone see the comment from the real Edward Olive? Why the hell did the Flickr person identify Roger Ebert as Edward Olive? I think I contacted the person Flickr when I read Edward's e-mail. I will check back.

The English Patient: Original Soundtrack Recording

I love this movie and I don't care who knows it. I love it more now than when I saw it 10 years ago. well now 12 fucking years ago...I will go into the reasons why I am saying this OK> First we'll read some reviews of the time and research the involvement of the Weinsteins and the Oscar "controversy" My blog will just take the tone of a journal more or less, why the hell not. It is hard to believe that the Weinsteins also were the men behind Pulp Fiction. Which is not my cup of tea at all. HOwever I would love to talk to QT love to talk about that fact with him as he is a very funny conversationalist and we could talk about our vastly different aesthetic and taste and preferences in movies....