Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Millions of Americans love this type of film--often

Millions of people want a steady, exclusive diet of movies with huge explosions,car crashes and things being blown up. And some T and A. And there will always be a movie audience for whom that is all they want on the screen! Ever! And Mr. Bay appeals to that market. Fine--- because for every Transformers Michael Bay film, there can be two or three films made at their so called "art house" division. Like Sony Classic Pictures, Fox Searchlight and Paramount Vantage.
This type thing is be the future of the character based, "smaller" film industry. Non mainstream movies that won't necessarily turn a big profit. Like a lot of the foreign films in America. Maybe a slower pace--that Transformers audience would not pay to see. for those film And but if it catches on it is a nice surprise. Because there is a market for Sundance type winners now.
And the added bonus that it gives the studios cache. Therefore I predict these type of films have a huge future under the umbrella of a huge conglomerate corporation.
I hasten to add that I do not know which studio (s) made Transformers 2---whoever it is if they even have an art house division.

Ryan White and Michael Jackson

Does anyone remember when Ryan White was a well known media figure? I think we should return him to the national consciousness. I was reminded about Ryan when I saw an interview with his Mother on CBS news after Michael Jackson' death from what appears to be a drug over dose.
Ryan was a teenager originally form Kokomo Indiana, hemophiliac from birth, and acquired HIV during a blood transfusion in the 80's before people knew about the AIDS virus or tested the blood supply. He was kicked out of his school as many parents were afraid that their children would get AIDS from him. The spread of AIDS was little understood at that time. His parents sued the school and he was allowed back to the school by law---but he was not welcomed. His family moved to nearby Cicero Ind., where due to education at that point, he was more welcomed. he became an AIDS activist and celebrities befriended him and got behind his cause. Like Elton John and Michael Jackson. Ryan White died from AIDS in 1990.
I hadn't thought about Ryan White in quite some time until I saw an interview with his Mother on low-rated CBS morning news a few day's after MJ's death. She was speaking about MJ befriending her son Ryan. She expressed that Michael was a wonderful friend and she never ever was given any reason to be concerned about Ryan and Michael spending so much time together. What surprised me and caught my attention the most was that Mrs. White told how Michael was very concerned about the family after Ryan's death and called them quite frequently and stayed in touch for several years. That is the only interview I have seen with Mrs. White. I am assuming she was invited to Michael's memorial service. I sure never see her interviewed on Entertainment Tonight! I am impressed that MIchael truly seemed to care for Ryan White. His gift to him of a red convertible Mustang was widely publicized but what was not publicized was that Michael cared for the family outside of the spotlight and after Ryan's death.

Glass beauty

Can you believe this beautiful work of stained glass art? I cant' find where or what the building is. The interaction of the colors and shapes is amazing!
This is just a randomly found image on Flickr. I love glass work, and that kind of design. similar to ? several modern artists I must account for. Possibly Mondiran and Miro I am thinking of.
I went to the Chagall museum in Nice France and it had beautiful glass work.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Crass exploitation of MJ death

I think Michael Jackson did not want to fail or pass out and ultimately be forced to cancel his Londen concert series---so he died to get out of it-- subconciously of course. He was also a serious pill addict, very parallel situation to Elvis. Tragic figure. And my heart breaks for the kids. I think Joe Jackson, patriarch, has a few problems. And the relentless coverage on the entertainment news is really tacky. So is Diane Diamond who wrote a book on MIchael Jackson' 1st child molestation charge--the one in the early 90s. And now she is using that to be credible on ET. Bit it is very sleazsy. the expolit the sleazyiest parts of MJ. But they are almost special guests at his huge memorial service. So the Jackson family wants the coverage I believe. So they are whoring. themselves on both sides on all sides.