Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Film Log Capitalism: A Love Story by Michael Moore

This is MM latest film and his best. His filmmaking style has continued to evolve. The way he tells his story and POV is very tight. Very entertaining film. You both laugh and cry. The bottom line is we need to get Wall Street out of bed with Washington. They can't be legislating on the financial industry if they stand to make a profit from it. And we can't have all these former Goldman Sachs employees running the government. Talk about a hypocrite and a conflict of interest! Obama needs to get rid of Geithner and Summers!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

5 Questions Eddie Muller Film Log: Angel Face

GAh! where are my questions for Eddie Muller? And tell me about the three column shots instead of Mise en scene. I have Eddie Muller questions on this blog. Where are they? The Oedipel issues one sees in some of the Noirs. The Victor Mature film that was updated. The one where he marries the baby sitter. It was updated with the red-headed dude from NCIS. Plus Daisy Kenyon. .Asphalt Jungle