Friday, November 20, 2009

Trajectory is a great word.

I need a different trajectory. ha, I love that word. Scintillating last week and Trajectory this week. Love it. Aitch's new word of the week. It is a "vocab." word and it is a beautiful and interesting and nuanced word in the English language. I need a trajectory in my life besides writing about R and K,;ra·jec·to·ry (trə-jěk'tə-rē)
n. pl. tra·jec·to·ries
The path of a projectile or other moving body through space.

A chosen or taken course: "What died with [the assassinated leaders] was a moral trajectory, a style of aspiration" (Lance Morrow).

Mathematics A curve that cuts all of a given family of curves or surfaces at the same angle.

How about your blog, also learn the camera. Get a project like the boys picture. A filmed version of the blog. Interview people.
Also, will post a new picture of the week for the hell of it and it looks good. I should be more pithy I guess in some of my posts. I don't want to be manic. Maybe I do?!
It was very much a macho or male oriented scene in the Beat Scene with Kerouac, Ginsberg, Burroughs and Neal Cassaday. When I discovered Kerouac on a PBS documentary I was taken with the group of literaries and cultural players and another fascinating American art scene. taken with Kerouac, he had such good looks when he was young before alcoholism ravaged him.
And what is weird or interesting is Allen Ginsburg's connection to Andy and Edie. And then his to Bob Dylan also. Allan Ginsburg is a great American character!!! On the cultural zeitgeist. The Beats, On Callie Angels Screen Test. Callie Angels Screen tests is a Must for AW scholars and films history scholars. Ginsberg is in it and all the people who are in it is fascinating. DAnny Fields? His doc.
My original thought was the macho-ness of the Beats, and the lack of female participation,( REading about it in John Leland history of HIp) The women were the help mates and the women who would of been literary talent but they could not get away with as much as the boys. Because they were and women don't get away with that behavior much. That is one lesson from that Boulder murder victim of the 1950s. Who was that I just erased it? Damn it.
. It's what I've always been saying about Ken Kesey. Where was Mrs. Kesey when Ken went riding around the bus with Neil Cassady???? who was tripping his ass off during the 1960s. Neal adjusted well to the hippie era. so as I have been saying for a long time. you could have been 14 in the 1960s or you could have been Neal Cassady in the 1960s, quite a wide age span encompassed the Hippie Movement. And he would have been a fucking celebrity to all the younger hippies. I think he die by a RR track. How and where
I would ask Steve Watson about Danny Fields and that doc., The Beats, allan Ginsburg, If he waas aware of the content of the screen tests and if he studied Callie Angel's book. Andy being misjudged for his indifference to the drggies around him going really downhilll, like he didn't give as-hit the way he came across to Danny Fields Mother. And there Andrea Feldman, Edie Sedgwick, and he wished he could have filmed Freddie Herko as he leapt out the window to his suicide. That controversial attitude.