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Jim Dine Pop Art from Wikipedia

Jim Dine (born June 16, 1935) is an American pop artist. He is sometimes considered to be a part of the Neo-Dada movement. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, attended the University of Cincinnati and received a BFA from Ohio University in 1957. He first earned respect in the art world with his Happenings. Pioneered with artists Claes Oldenburg and Allan Kaprow, in conjunction with musician John Cage, the "Happenings" were chaotic performance art that was a stark contrast with the more somber mood of the expressionists popular in the New York art world. The first of these was the 30 second The Smiling Worker performed in 1959.

In 1962 Dine's work was included, along with Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Robert Dowd, Phillip Hefferton, Joe Goode, Edward Ruscha, and Wayne Thiebaud, in the historically important and ground-breaking New Painting of Common Objects, curated by Walter Hopps at the Norton Simon Museum. This exhibition is historically considered one of the first "Pop Art" exhibitions in America. These painters started a movement, in a time of social unrest, which shocked America and the Art world and changed modern Art forever, "Pop Art".
In the early 1960s Dine produced pop art with items from everyday life. These provided commercial as well as critical success, but left Dine unsatisfied. In September 1966 police raided an exhibition of his work displayed at Robert Fraser's gallery in London, England. Twenty of his works were seized and Fraser was charged under the Obscene Publications Act of 1959, Dine's work was found to be indecent but not obscene and Fraser was fined 20 guineas.[1] The following year Dine moved to London and continued to be represented by Fraser, spending the next four years developing his art. Returning to the United States in 1971 he focused on several series of drawings. In the 1980s sculpture resumed a prominent place in his art. In the time since then there has been an apparent shift in the subject of his art from man-made objects to nature.
According to James Rado, co-author (with Gerome Ragni) of the rock musical Hair, it was a Dine piece entitled "Hair" which gave the name to the rock musical.

Kivanc Tatlitug

From a Liz Smith column last year sometime:

But in Turkey, it is one Kivanc Tatlitug who has captured the hearts of females across the Arab world, and particularly in his native Istanbul and everyplace else in Turkey where they can get a TV signal. And Kivanc is not yet a movie star. He is a creation of the soap opera world. Still, he is the rage from Dubai to Saudi Arabia.

The blonde, blue-eyed Turk, whose name is pronounced Kee-vanch Tat-loo-too, started out as a model. He is not married and plays a "good" guy on his show, "Noor." But still his performance has created a tsunami of scandal in Turkey. For years, Turkish women doted on soap operas made elsewhere in the Middle East. They didn’t mind watching them and going "Tch, tch!" at the loose morals. But when their own country produced one, everybody was "shocked, shocked," and Turkish women began complaining to their husbands that they weren’t as understanding, sympathetic and adorable as Kivanc. This has led to a few cases of separation and divorce and some mighty odd behavior by Turkish women.

The good news? Mr. Tatlitug affected tourism all across the Middle East last summer and especially in burgeoning Istanbul. The background of his soap opera, whatever its moral content, shows off the beauty of modern and ancient Istanbul. It runs once a week and everybody waits for it.

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Sean Penn 5 questions with----will be charged with battery.

Calif. prosecutor: Penn to be charged with battery
Feb. 19, 2010, 2:12 PM EST
LOS ANGELES (AP) -- California prosecutors say Sean Penn faces battery and vandalism charges stemming from an altercation with a photographer in Brentwood last fall.

Spokesman Frank Mateljan with the Los Angeles city attorney's office says the two misdemeanor counts were expected to be filed later Friday.

A phone message for Penn's attorney, Barry Hirsch, was not immediately returned.

Mateljan says Penn kicked a photographer during a dustup in October. The photographer's camera also was damaged.

If convicted, Penn could face up to 18 months in jail.

I wonder if Sean Penn is cool to hang out with. I bet he was difficult to be married to. But in the beginning he may be very intelligent, exciting and fun to hang out with. Then the very thing that made him exciting and fun to hang out with--is the thing that made him impossible to live with. Is this correct Robin Wright-Penn? Now back to just Robin Wright probably.

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