Thursday, September 16, 2010

LA Art History

After informally studying NYC AbEx and Pop Art for so many years I knew nothing about LA artists of the same era until just the last few months.
Around the same time I saw a documentary "The Cool School." and bought a book for $5 at Borders, Catalog LA: Birth of an Art Capital 1955-1985. I learned about artists such as Robert Irwin, Wally Berman, Ed Keinholz, Bill Al Bengston, John Baldessari and others. Then I found myself at MOCA and LACMA this summer viewing these artists' works in person. That was great!
I hope that MOCA is able to promote/publicize this incredibly rich artistic legacy of LA artists of the recent past. It seems to be not as well known as I think it should!”

I am a firm believer in "earned talent"--the kind you acquire the hard way, through trial and error. My paintings reveal not only a timeline of my life, marking events, but a journey of continual change infused with self-examination and reflection----Robert Irwin