Thursday, November 26, 2009

film about a MA female going crazy---in the great tradition of such

well O fucking K. Who wants to write a screenplay with me about a WOMAN'S middle age crisis??? And make it funny, not funny HA HA necessarily but poignant funny. Keep the hand on it light anyway. I think humour goes a long way in getting your message across. And yes I know it can't be obvious like Samuel Goldwyn said, I think it was him--" If you want to send a message go to Western Union.

Protagonist/main character: female 45, has had kids and was a SAHM for a long time. She has recently is re entered the workforce after a tumultuous year or two going through a divorce after the kids were older. When the kids were young,she was a "devoted SAHM until she began having depression, esp. at the holidays, and now she is at a mediocre "shitty" job. At this point she has had the mediocre job for about one year and her life has settled into a routine. She starts the symptoms of depression. Crying for no reason, and being triggered into a sobbing jag after seeing the young girl and after seeing a beautiful couple in love. It is because of the realization of her life passing her by, her youth gone, opportunities wasted, loss of young vibrant appeal to men., never got the change to be made love to well by a wonderful lover.

They say character is plot. Right. Character is plot. We want to show a woman cracking up, developing a neurosis where she feels herself making out with men she encounters or she just goes off into a daydream with it, and the consequences get worse and worse. culminating in a kitchen fire which could have burned down the house. That is a huge warning bell to her so she seeks help. then what? what is the ending? how is her problem resolved? I just can't seem to get a MDQ over it. Any collaborators out there? What should be the best MDQ for the protagonist of this film?

I have many different ways this story could go and about three different characters of the protagonists so how to combine them into one----is the predicament.