Friday, August 27, 2010

More stress for Leonardo Di Caprio from wacko "fans"

By ANTHONY McCARTNEY, AP Entertainment Writer Anthony Mccartney, Ap Entertainment Writer – 1 hr 21 mins ago

LOS ANGELES – Leonardo DiCaprio has been granted a temporary restraining against a woman he said claims to be his wife and carrying his baby.

Court records show Superior Court Judge Carol Boas Goodson granted the order Wednesday against Livia Bistriceanu, 41, of Chicago.

"Given this obsessive and harassing behavior, I am frightened of Ms. Bistriceanu and feel that my personal safety, and the personal safety of those around me, is in jeopardy," DiCaprio wrote in a sworn declaration.

An e-mail message sent Friday to Bistriceanu seeking comment was not immediately returned.

DiCaprio's request included statements from the actor and his security team claiming Bistriceanu had traveled from Chicago to Los Angeles at least twice to try to meet DiCaprio at his home and business office. She refused to leave the properties and acted aggressively, the court filings state.

The Academy Award-nominated actor wrote that she "has evidenced a willingness to make physical contact with me regardless of the consequences."

Bistriceanu has been placed on a psychological hold twice, according to the documents.

DiCaprio said he has never met Bistriceanu, but she has sent him numerous handwritten letters. Some were attached to his request for the restraining order and reviewed by the judge.

One letter included the greeting, "Dear husband Leo," and contained statements that Bistriceanu believed DiCaprio was the father of baby Jesus.

On Thursday, another woman was ordered to stand trial on a charge of slashing DiCaprio's face with a piece of glass during a party in 2005.

Aretha Wilson pleaded not guilty to assault with a deadly weapon after being returned to Los Angeles from her native Canada.

DiCaprio suffered injuries to his face and neck.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

WTF was this woman doing at a party with Leo Di Caprio?

LOS ANGELES – A judge ordered a woman to stand trial on a charge of slashing Leonardo DiCaprio's face with glass during a 2005 party.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Edmund Willcox Clarke ordered Aretha Wilson to face one count of assault with a deadly weapon. The charge includes an allegation that Wilson, 40, caused great bodily injury.

The details and extent of Caprio's injuries were not made public, although the judge, who has reviewed photos of the injuries to the actor's ear and neck, said Thursday that "this would not be an injury that would be called trivial or moderate, in my view."

Those photos also were not made public. DiCaprio did not attend the hearing.

Wilson was returned to Los Angeles in the five-year-old case after waiving extradition from Canada.

She has pleaded not guilty and remains jailed in lieu of $150,000 bail.

Wilson's attorney Freddy Sayegh said the ruling was not unexpected and that Wilson has vehemently professed her innocence. He said he expected to trial to begin within 60 days.

She is due back in court on Sept. 9.

Authorities have said Wilson attacked DiCaprio with a broken beer bottle, but a witness called Thursday said it was a wine glass. The criminal complaint identifies the object only as glass.

If convicted, Wilson faces up to seven years in state prison.

End of article---
I read in a different article that this took place at Rick Salomon's house--who is some LA character best known for being Paris Hilton's sex partner in that infamous video. I just can't figure out why this person was even at that party. And what went down?!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Well the analysis has started-Jennifer Anniston-See yesterday's post.

The Aniston Box-Office A-Bomb Goes Off Again
Wonderwall, August 23, 2010
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By Michelle Lanz

There are a billion theories floating around about why Jennifer Aniston -- big-time movie star and tabloid appointed A-list celebrity -- bombed at the box office last weekend with her latest film "The Switch." Like so many of her former suitors, have we as a collective movie-going nation fallen out of love with Jen? Is it because she used an insensitive word in a recent interview? Perhaps she has simply worn out her welcome as the perpetually single "Friend."

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For ESPN's Bill Simmons, Aniston's continued existence in Hollywood, despite rarely delivering the box office bucks, has to do with the creation and success of what has become the Brangelina empire. "She became America's adorable little victim for seven years until Bullock finally pushed her aside," he says. "Maybe it was the worst thing that ever happened to her personally, but professionally? Godsend." Simmons has a point. Despite "The Switch" opening at No. 8, Aniston still has multiple projects in development, including something called "The Divorce Party." So she's good at playing the

jilted girl-next-door, but how much longer can that last?

A film critic argues in the New York Post that Aniston can only play the same role for so long, and that her continued box office failure is in correlation with her age. The critic (who wants to stay anonymous probably to not risk being banned by her publicist!) is quoted as saying: "Aniston just can't play the good friend anymore. She's aged out, no matter the yoga and the highlights. She just can't do America's sweetheart next door. She needs a big wake-up call." Ouch.

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Then there are those on the extreme end who seem to have made it their mission of the week to ensure that Jennifer Aniston's career and "The Switch" go the way of the buffalo. Conservative talk show blabbermouth Bill O'Reilly espoused on air that Aniston and her beliefs in single motherhood are straight up "destructive" to our society. Though we agree with Salon that everything that spews out of O'Reilly's mouth comes covered in a layer of crazy, you can't deny that the guy has a rabid following. Many of his rabid followers probably go to the movies, and they also probably let some talking head on TV dictate their weekend cinema-viewing plans.

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So, what we can learn from Aniston's continual slide at the box office? Probably that we're all really sick of the sympathy game. It's been seven years since the Brangelina debacle, and this wave she's been riding is beginning to ebb into oblivion. Jen has established herself as the childless, perpetually single middle-aged woman we all feel sorry for, thus ensuring that her face will turn up on magazine covers and that she'll stay bankable enough until the next rom-com comes calling. But, think back to Jennifer Aniston, circa 2000, as Rachel Green on "Friends" and Ron Livingston's spunky love interest in "Office Space." She was likable and wasn't yet marked with the stigma of being the woman Brad Pitt left for Angelina Jolie. (And I was actually

interested to see what she'd do next.)

Here's a tip, Jen: Stop playing the same, worn-out, sad sack character. America is totally bored with that act. Be a stripper, a prostitute, or better yet, a mentally challenged person. You might even get nominated for an Oscar instead of playing the mortified presenter.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Jennifer Anniston

Jen Anniston's movie tanked but her publicist's worked it by having the headline be about her guest role on Friend Courtney's show Cougartown. she will find more fulfilling work on Television as she did before and as all the women are saying the best roles are: Virginia Madsen., Nora Ephron (from Vanity Fair funny women issue) What does it mean that The Switched tanked so very badly. Does it mean she can't "open" a film? IF Julia Roberts opens Eat, Pray Love with a smash how will JA feel inside. Will she tell anyone if she feels worth-less in comparison? Is a person perceived as "worth-less as a human soul if they tank and film in such a public way.j Or an analogous humiliating situation?
I do knopw that Jen Anniston will continue to be at the heart of the tabloid drama wars, nearly nude magazine covers, coorporate sponsorship of products, appearances on talk shows with witty reparte and banter. But will this translate into more big Rom com "failure" parts of the last few years: The Break-Up, The Switch, Rumor has it now that Jen is 40? I wonder? Films that she was supposed to "open" in the Julia Roberts way. Not like Me and Marley with Owen Wilson.
But Holy Cow! She has no-less than 10 films in pre-production--checked it out on imdb So it really doesn't matter if she is that booked! OK but still, what affect if any does it have on films to sign on for, to get the green light with her name scheduled for 2013 and 2014?

Courtney Love considering selling Nirvana rights--Wonder what is going on with this currently

Love offered $162 million for Nirvana rights
May 25, 2010, 12:10 PM EST

WENN -- Courtney Love has been offered a staggering $162 million for her majority stake in Nirvana's back catalogue.

Love inherited Nirvana's publishing rights when her husband and Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994.

Love, the singer of Hole, sold off 25 percent of the End of Music catalogue in 2006, pocketing $50 million. But she recently admitted she was considering offloading her remaining 75 percent share after becoming convinced the royalty payments she receives are "cursed."

She insisted the decision was motivated by emotions, not financial gain, because she simply wants to move on from the Cobain tragedy.

She said, "I'm thinking about selling off all of Kurt's publishing. All of the rights, everything. It's not a financial decision; it's an emotional one.

"He was the best friend I've ever had, but Kurt and I were only married for three years, and now I need to have my own life. I'm always 'the widow' and that drives me nuts. That money has been cursed since the day it started to come in. It's not really my money."

Executives at Evergreen Capital are keen to relieve Love of her worries and have stepped up with the big money offer, reports the New York Daily News.

A source says, "Courtney thinks the catalogue comes with too many memories. It's haunted."

Love has yet to respond to the offer.