Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Millions of Americans love this type of film--often

Millions of people want a steady, exclusive diet of movies with huge explosions,car crashes and things being blown up. And some T and A. And there will always be a movie audience for whom that is all they want on the screen! Ever! And Mr. Bay appeals to that market. Fine--- because for every Transformers Michael Bay film, there can be two or three films made at their so called "art house" division. Like Sony Classic Pictures, Fox Searchlight and Paramount Vantage.
This type thing is be the future of the character based, "smaller" film industry. Non mainstream movies that won't necessarily turn a big profit. Like a lot of the foreign films in America. Maybe a slower pace--that Transformers audience would not pay to see. for those film And but if it catches on it is a nice surprise. Because there is a market for Sundance type winners now.
And the added bonus that it gives the studios cache. Therefore I predict these type of films have a huge future under the umbrella of a huge conglomerate corporation.
I hasten to add that I do not know which studio (s) made Transformers 2---whoever it is if they even have an art house division.

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