Monday, July 13, 2009

Crass exploitation of MJ death

I think Michael Jackson did not want to fail or pass out and ultimately be forced to cancel his Londen concert series---so he died to get out of it-- subconciously of course. He was also a serious pill addict, very parallel situation to Elvis. Tragic figure. And my heart breaks for the kids. I think Joe Jackson, patriarch, has a few problems. And the relentless coverage on the entertainment news is really tacky. So is Diane Diamond who wrote a book on MIchael Jackson' 1st child molestation charge--the one in the early 90s. And now she is using that to be credible on ET. Bit it is very sleazsy. the expolit the sleazyiest parts of MJ. But they are almost special guests at his huge memorial service. So the Jackson family wants the coverage I believe. So they are whoring. themselves on both sides on all sides.

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