Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Elisha Cook jr.

I saw him in "I Wake Up Screaming." He was the murderer even though Laird Cregar was the one obsessed with her. Carole Landis was a bright complex character and Ginger Rogers was a very one-dimensional character.
So then I saw him in??? Eddie Muller's book Dark City, for one. He was a supporting character in several noir films (name them here) SO--- I am studying this noir and wondering about this character actor. For the evening viewing --something seemingly far away from the world of American Film Noir ---a documentary called "A Life in Pictures: Stanley Kubrick"---Excellent by the way---and AND who should be in an early SK picture but fucking Elisha Cook Jr.!!!
I am probably the only person who thinks that is funny, incredible, like WOW or awesome---sorry for the word awesome. There is frequently a six degrees of separation aspect of film history. And that aspect pops up in my own life frequently.

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