Friday, September 18, 2009

I must make this into a story.

Looks similar to the scorpion that bit me in Waco Texas when I was 17, 18 years. old. Met Lucretia's friends and we partied out at a lake. One of Lucretia's friends had a boyfriend named Brad. EArlier I had been bit. We are all lying on a trampoline with blankets over us looking up at the sky and talking. This whole group of kids. And Brad begin ns stroking my hand, thigh and arm. It sets off a firey response in my body. Compltetely visceral. I had not even even noticed this guy, more than just met him as he was Lucreita's best friends boyfriend. I believe he had noticed me. I responded to his touch, but not because found I him cute or had a crush on him or we had been flirting. My body responded( seemingly) on it's own. I Later on his girlfriend said to me (in a strong Texas accent)You weren't messin' with Brad tonight were you I shook my head, guiltily and self consciously. Yeah Isat there with Brad laid there rather and can't remember exactly how I responded. Well how do you want your character to respond.

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