Friday, February 26, 2010

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Film Log Next Stop Wonderland., Hope Davis Daisy Kenyon, female sensibility?

Hope Davis was a discovery and made a new admirer in me because she could be the beautiful cool intelligent blonde like she is in Next Stop Wonderland , in every film The way that Jen Anniston is in every movie she makes wearing mini-skirts and her long blonde hair. So Hope Davis is Very attractive and blonde in NSW
but she has hid her looks in disguises almost (American Splendor). And I love her in one of my all time favorite movies About Schmidt. And is she in what else? something where she played the kind of up tight upper crust Mother. Any way the film had a gyno-centric pov. (Yes POV is not that obscure of a term. Mr. Amazon..) And I can't think of a better term. what about the terms and meanings of female POV or a female sensibility? ? And yes Jane Austen did that. Really came through in Sense and Sensibility. I wrote about this female sensibility previously. But gyno-centric is what I am going to call it. HA HA Oh guess what--the American New Wave is the title given the Film makers of the 90s not the film makers of the 70s. I thought I hear Leonard Maltin using that term to describe the 70s films. I saw it on one of those---maybe that Laslo Kovacks docu./tribute

PSH is in this Next Stop Wonderland and loved his supporting role. I kept thinking Sean would never return in the film and he does unexpectedly and it is a refreshing surprise. We see him in 3 major scenes I think--that includes the scene where he is on tape. so if you are on tape are you really in the film? lol
And well I guess the storytellers were telling us the Brazillian easily replaced her so Erin made the right decision with the Plumber/marine biologist.
This film reminded me of the other film I am watching: Daisy Kenyon. starring Joan Crawford, Dana Andrews, Henry Fonda. d. Otto Preminger--Peter Bogdonavitch: Are you familiar with Otto Preminger? Daisy Kenyon was also about a woman who had a choice. Was able to have a choice due to beauty, sex appeal, intelligence independence of thought and "breeding" or class. And she was a career woman Her role was so FAb. esp. when the scene where she is in bed talking to her daughter and lounging on the bed where the chauffeur is getting dressed. At first we just see a man in the background getting dressed. One with a nice body. Then the last frame shows him kissing Erin's Mother in what is clearly a chauffeurs uniform!!!!!
Next Stop Wonderland. had and element of class with the Mother. Was the Mother, Holland Taylor some kind of Modeling agent? I have Owning Mahoney to watch next.
And there was class in the Dana Andrews character in DK. According to the commentator Foster Hirsch. 1) The element of class distinction comparing the two.--2) both were women who had the "luxury" of a choice. 3) both had attractive suitors.

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