Monday, April 5, 2010

Film Essay on Michael Moore's documentaries.

Flaw weakness in Michael Moore's film Sicko:

Health care in England and France is not perfect and MM presents it like it is. I was surprised he showed only the best of what people had to say, including Americans living in France. It was compelling and moving but its too one-sided and therefore unbelievable. My cousin Suzanne had a medical emergency in France and it was all paid for; she was impressed. So I know it is good, but not perfect.

One of the best things about the film was in the outtakes: The old Britsih ww2 guy who was a member of the conservative party? and after the war they decided that, "the best of us will care for the least of us." They have this paradigm already in England, France, Sweden. The tea-baggers are the only ones who believe that very basic health care is a commie takeover.

Flaw weakness in Bowling for Columbine: Not necessary to do that to the old man Charlton Heston and the editing implied something that wasn't true about his appearance at an NRA rally.

Flaw weakness in Farenheilt 911.

The sequence/montage where all the past wars/ military conflict were the "fault" of the US supporting right-wing fascist dictators. This is way too simplistic. It desperately feeds into that stereotype of the far left blaming everything and always on the U.S.
Strength of 911: merciless on Bush but I admire that part. lol I mean he really gets you to squirm with the sequence where GWB is reading the child's book to kindergartners, and he gets the message that NYC is being attacked; he continues to read for 4 something more minutes. MM has a timer clock at the bottom of the screen.

His films go into the category of great for any genre, not just documentary. They are great entertainment because you both laugh and cry and get emotionally involved with the characters.

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