Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kirkland Museum, Hugh M. Grant

Congratulations to Hugh Grant!

In late March, Kirkland Museum Founding Director & Curator Hugh Grant was invited to speak at Bard Graduate Center in New York City on the unique display of the Kirkland and the museum's establishment. Graduate students and faculty in Bard's programs of Decorative Arts, Design History, and Material Culture attended his presentation. Bard Graduate Center is a graduate institute affiliated with Bard College that opened in New York City in 1993. It was a great honor to share information about Kirkland Museum with faculty and students from a program closely related to Kirkland Museum's focus. It was exciting to have the Kirkland recognized and lauded for the unusual display methods Hugh Grant has developed including salon style of combining fine and decorative art, a study collection manner, vignette presentation, and comparative display of different design movements within the same room.
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