Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rough outline Remake of I Capture the Castle. Romola Garai, Tiger Woods

How about a remake of I Capture the Castle with Romola Garai. The one made by the producers of Shakespeare in Love.

RG has a beautiful but decidedly unsexual vibe in this film. Supposed to be to contrast with the highly alluring sister Rose. What a great part for a young woman.
A retro pective look at this actress.
Her one Holly wood movie was of course a role that sucked. And tried to play up the babe aspects of her. Dirty Dancing Havana Nights is the title.

She is an actress who doesn't exclusively play the hottie babe or a character that must be pretty or beautiful or the beautiful girl friend.

Tiger Woods has more need for sex than anyone woman can provide.
Now that she is leaving he has dropped the sex rehab.
I think if she had stayed he would have kept it up. That's what she said.
He is insatiable and a true sex addict. it is obvious tied to his family. Never knew Earl was such a bum.

Elin Nordgren is fascinating.

Puffed up lips.

The Vanity Fair article in the issue with Grace Kelly on the front.

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