Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MAC, angst

Gah! The thing about love/lust is the mystique of the other person. The novelty is one part. The stage where you feel passionate and infatuated.
When you are living with someone for 15 years plus you just don't feel that way anymore. Well most people don't some do. Therefore--a couple MUST decide if they want to remain together and how to deal with n the everyday grind of living together wehn the sparks have died down after the passage of time which has GOT to be inevitable. I think that you can stay with someone for many years or even a lifetime, but you must make a concious decision to do so. And face the fact that sex just isn't as exciting, nor is the person, as it was in the beginning of the relationship/romance.

The thoughts about my own mortality have never affected me in this way before. That is why I know it is a so-called middle age crisis I am experiencing. Everyone is born and everyone will die. That is the proverbial bottom line of human existence. That is the one thing we all have in common.
that is why the eternal youth factor in vampires is so popular withs now. And eternal youth, eternal sexual attraction and immortality.

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