Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bruce Lee

Bruce lee
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Okay--why hasn't this movie happened yet? It is an empty space.The biopic of Bruce Lee Conduct a huge search to play the lead. His life is fascinating and tragic. born in San Francisco, he and his parents returned to Hong Kong and the Japanese occupation when Bruce was 3 months old.
His father was a renowned stage performer, Bruce made about 20 films as a child actor in Hong Kong films. He also got in trouble in school and had fights. One story goes that he beat up a member of an HK mobster and that prompted his move at age 18 to SF invoking his US citizenship for the first time.
It would necessitate a big budget film to create the 1970s California.
I think his life story rights are tied up with his widow Linda Lee
and she would have script approval and probably not approve of a version she doesn't like. Where to find out about this?
I bet Quentin Tarantino would back a great Bruce Lee biopic.

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