Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Carole Landis Bio-pic

Ms. Landis' life is a great subject for a biopic, as I said...
She is most well known for being in that Kenneth Anger book "Hollywood Babylon." with a photo of police finding her crouched over in a very strange way. I recall it was from an overdose. Or sticking her head in the oven. Or both.
She had been having a tempestuous affair with Rex Harrison who was married to Lili Palmer. He was breaking it off with Carole the night he visited her--to tell her. It killed Harrison's career in Hollywood because her death was blamed soley on him, even though Ms Landis had many other life disapointments.
I read a CL bio written by this middle-age classic film nerd like myself. One could buy the rights to that book and then just fill in the rest. There was a rumour that she had been a call girl in San Francisco, for a little while during the time she was striking out on her own. This wasn't nothing to substatiante this as I recall, but it might be something the director/writer would want to fictionalize/speculate in the film.
Anyway, I am so intersted in bio-pics, Landis is a great cult figure along with her co-star in "I Wake Up Screaming" Laird Crager. I love tragic Hollywood true tales. And I have since I was about 9 years old.

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