Friday, November 6, 2009

I would love to interview Alec Baldwin. Esp. recently when I have been remembering and forgetting how beautiful Alec Baldwin was whenhe was young. What film was he in ?The Shadow? He was touted as the next big heartthrob. And It never happended . Alec---there was article And it tanked. But he survived and now is fully "comeback"even more than when he got a second, third chance, like James CAan.And I thought eh not bad. he has certainly surpassed that. But look up the article about him from the writer on the Bear movie and he was at anall time ass moment of his life. I would ask him about that.

The ask him about what attracted him to KimBasinger What, beyond the obvious, attracted you to her.

do you remember about the writer who accounted his experiences VF or something and he had a bad impression of you. and you were blown up like a big grizzly bear.

I would applaud him for being in the love triangle movie with someone his one age--Meryl Streep.

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Aitch said...

Wasn't someone shocked when they saw a picture of the young Alec Baldwin? Or who was that? They couldn't believe it was the same person.