Wednesday, December 9, 2009

This symbolizes the perfect metaphor for what is wrong with my life right now

I was all set to use my tape recorder this morning because I have 7 observations on the Tiger Woods situation. When I saw that my tape recorder wasn't there, I was shocked as I felt certain I knew had put it there, next to my Mac, ready for transcribing my scintillating ideas. I quickly became frustrated with the larger picture of the disarray and disorganization of my life. I felt very very upset because all kinds of great stuff was on it screenplay dialog scene outlines, comparison of Sam Wagstaff, Andy Warhol, Charles Phoenix and ME! I got a hit in my mind that it might be where Jett was playing with a castle set. If I do find it here", I said to myself, "that tells me my gut reactions , intuition, deeper sense perception is certainly something I can rely on. My eye happened to catch the tape under Ben's bed. When I looked closer I could see the tape all pulled out, the tape recorder laying close by. That is what this is a picture of.
I know it is not literally true, but it is metaphorically true, and a perfect symbol of: Jett and my having the 4th child is sabotaging my last gasp last grasp at a meaningful creative passionate life.

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