Monday, January 4, 2010

English language word of the week: Evanescent plus Jake G. Kristin White saw him!

Definitions of evanescent on the Web:

tending to vanish like vapor; "evanescent beauty"
"Evanescent" is the third single by the Japanese band Vamps, released on May 13, 2009. It includes a cover of the 1973 song "Life on Mars?" by David Bowie. The limited edition included a DVD with the music video for "Evanescent."
Evanescent is a term used to describe skin lesions, like wheals, that last for less than 24hours before resolving. ...
vanishing, disappearing, fleeting; ephemeral, momentary; barely there, almost imperceptible
Evanescently - An wave is a nearfield standing wave with an intensity that exhibits exponential decay with distance from the boundary at which the wave was formed. Evanescent waves are a general property of wave-equations, and can in principle occur in any context to which a wave-equation applies. ...
evanescently - In an evanescent manner
rapidly disappearing.
Evanescent is a word used to describe a fragrance that disappears quickly.
passing away gradually or imperceptibly (evanescence)
lasting only a short time; transitory. Haunting behavior is evanescent and exiguous ( extremely scanty; deficient in fullness, extent).

Vanishing like a vapor is the main definition I heard. All of these definitions are interesting. Fucking awesome English word!! And HOT picture to go along with it!!
LOVE you out there people!

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