Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Philip Seymour Hoffman. Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

Philip Seymour Hoffman. One of the best American actors. Yes, because he is an award winning actor, He won the Oscar for Capote, and is very famous for that. Obviously. He has done so many unforgettable supporting roles too, they are among his best: Doubt, Cold Mountain, Almost Famous, Boogie Nights, Magnolia, Punch Drunk Love. All well known films. Undoubtedly he get loads of scripts and is in great demand by mainstream Hollywood.
This is not the only way we see Hoffman's great acting range and eclectic choices. But it is in much smaller, really, really independent, very character driven pieces that makes him all the more outstanding.
Films like The Savages and Before the Devil Knows You're Dead are two of the lesser known films for PSH. They are two I want to review for you. BTDKYD is one I didn't think much of, that it was that great, when I first saw it. Part of it was the low-budget music soundtrack, which came across as a bit cheesy I thought. Lumet, the director, made the budget sacrifice for the music, I imagine. Lumet directed this movie at age 83. Should be arriving soon. Let's get this post up and then I will review the movie next week. PSH has the lead role, a very tragic one at that. A tragic story, that I like much better now upon reflection. Let's see what the weeks viewing will bring.

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