Monday, February 1, 2010

Jounal Entry, middle age angst, Joan Crawford, Rambling

the drudgery of cleaning this house is maddening, depressing, exasperated
. People's lives were taken up with tasks they were allotted to do and then they died. That may be most of human history. You have to be somewhat affluent to pursue art these days. Still, many are starving artists like myself.
Joan Crawford in Sudden Fear is what I am watching now. With Jack Palance and Gloria Grahme. 1952. Joan looks as masculine as she did in The Damned don't cry. She looked that way in most of her later films. Yet her characters acted feminine. By getting made fools of for love. Mildred Pierce, The Damned don't cry and Sudden Fear. She plays a woman "making it on her own accord" in all three films as well.
And Jack is just plain ugly. He must have always played bad guys.

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