Monday, March 8, 2010

Academy Awards, Hurt Locker, Avatar, Kathryn Bigelow Anthony Mackie, Meredith Viera and the Fuck-me pumps

The Hurt Locker was the perfect merge of acting, editing, sound editing, camera work--and the director overlording it. KB got to the heart of film making when she used the word "collaberative," to describe the quintessence of filmmaking. It is an artform but one that takes commerce to make hapen. It is a very expensive art to pursue because of all the COLLABORATION it involves to make it happen. And that dynamic tension, those opposing energies have been present since the beginnings of film making and commerce. i.e. the public distribution of viewing of films as entertainment for the open public masses.

Think of Anthony Mackie and Meredith Viera and the boys interview on Today. So many dang thoughts. AM flirting with MV after drinking and a long night. But hey-- she was wearing "fuckme" pumps and a tight, short ass skirt. hey just telling the trut. many men would have thought the same thing while eyeing her attire that morning--- at 5 6 am Pacific time! That is OK Anthony Mackie, I felt the same way interviewing Johnny Depp.. Oh and your man Jeremy Renner knows Colin Farell. Loved CF's tribute to JR cool.
CF just looks like he would be good in bed . LOL

The Academy went the way of Hurt Locker. All the writers and so-called experts speculated it could have gone the way of Avatar, Hurt Locker or Precious. Some even felt the Academy was in the mood for QT and IB. Up in the Air didn not win one Oscar. JC was half expecting to score big for Avatar. Precious won those two key ones.

Kate was the only one who said. " and the Oscar goes to"....instead of what everyone said last night..."and the winner is."

The former phrase is the one that plays down the competition tension. Because reall. how can you say that one performance was better than the others. You can only truthfully say that to have the nomination is the win. Anyway, loved that Kate Winslet used the phrase. I had been noticing it all night!

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