Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Scene outlines!

Tell me about producers/studio heads who want to be creative and "make art," as opposed to the ones who are only concerned with wether or not the movie make money.

Female coming of age or sexual awakening films off 2000s. Twilight, An Education

The Bling Ring member and her Reality show. RANT
SLA members--upper middle class educated bored. Emily Harris the one who let the gun go off to kill the mother of 4. Killed the Black superintendent of schools

the smoking tree--- the exhibitionism

Scenes outlines:


The French Contest trip: smoking pot as we crossed paths with some boys are age in a field and Holly's reaction
Englishman in Train
Airline hostess contest
Greasy Parisi
The Dance and Mr. Gordon

Go away Little Girl

80s British Pop

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