Friday, June 4, 2010

Hillary Swank, Diane Lane, Reality Shows and Reality

HIlary Swank can't seem to get decent roles between her Oscar winning performance roles.

Did Diane Lane do that salacious internet porn picture detective gritty unglamorous role to have an "assured" box office hit?
Does Ms. Swank feel pressure to have a box office hit?

Prostitutes do have to have sex with "gross" guys. That is the inhibiting factor as to why more women don't charge men--Mr Super Freakonomics.

Documentary: go to cattle call auditions. Docu. on out of work and working actors auditioning Reality Shows. Reality shows are now viable jobs for actors. Paritcularly if it is a reality show on struggling actors. Thier life of auditions and up and downs would be employment.

It an authentic Fake. Not the fake fake but the real fake. Is it an authentic fake. Is this the fake?--no it's the fake fake this is the real fake.

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