Friday, January 22, 2010

Andy Warhol, Dennis Hopper, Danny Williams, Taylor Mead

Great work by Andy. I am sure there is a Poloroid based 80s photo of dear Dennis. I am reading Factory Made: Warhol and the Sixties by Steven Watson. I have used info. from that book on these stories about the Dennis Hopper/Andy Warhol Connection. Now Dennis is dying, divorcing his 5th wife, and I sure want to pay tribute to him. The Andy Warhol connection is a less-known to the public side of Dennis Hopper. Hopper was a very early collector and enthusiast of pop art. He is a painter, collagist as well. The Danny Williams docu. raises the difficult issues about Andy Warhol. A Walk into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory. Andy wasn't always a very nice guy. People got lost in his orbit. And he displayed seemingly careless behavior about people's lives at times. The Freddie Herko comment and controversy. " I wish we could have filmed his suicide." There are those who don't speak highly of Andy then, or now. Taylor Mead seems to have a different opinion on different days. And Andrea Feldmen. And what many said about Andy in the Edie book. He seemed to provide the platform for people to soar and star but also provided the platform to spectacularly fail. Danny Williams was not an intimate insider or long-lived in the Warhol universe. I believe he and Andy were lovers and that may have been what brought him into the Warhol circle for his short-lived time there.
Danny Williams is an important "minor" character, in the Warhol saga but I don't hold Andy responsible for his or the others deaths. These individuals ultimately couldn't cope with their own lot in life and unfortunately were victims of the 60s and all the experimentation with drugs. Danny Williams swam out to the sea and never returned. He was a speed abuser. And undoubtedly depressed about his life. Andrea Feldman jumped out of a window, like Herko, but not as elegantly, and Edie had a very screwed up childhood with that narcissistic hyper- sexual Father and all that shit. Edie probably prolonged her life because of Warhol. She had eating disorders before eating disorders were cool.
Andy acted as a witness to their destruction and seemingly did nothing to stop it. Their association with him gave them a legacy. And the accusation that Andy, Morrisey etc. was jealous of Danny Williams and his innovations for the light show Exploding Plastic Inevitable. I have sympathy for Danny's grandmother in the film. I am envious of the filmmaker, his niece, and her interview with Brigid Berlin. Def. check that one out again.

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