Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes: Meryl Streep is flippin' HOT. And classy. Sandra Bullock

This is a photo of Meryl Streep taken last night in LA at the Golden Globe ceremony. Notice she is is holding the Golden Globe statue. She won. She was nominated 2x in the same category. She is on top of the world-- to evoke James Cameron's catch phrase. Meryl is 60 years old. Had a stellar year. Was in tons of films. Loved her acceptance speech last night. Pitch perfect, more so than Monique's. She talked about her Mother and how her Mother was like Julia Child . Meryl is one of three sexy 60 year olds along with Susan Sarandon and Helen Mirren. Mirren is down right sexy in "Calender Girls" and Susan is a hot Mother in "SpeedRacer." Really playing a woman half her age. Meryl is sexy in "It's Complicated." she said in an interview that "Bette Davis is rolling over in her grave." So so so true, If you ponder the theme of All About Eve. And course Sandra Bullok breaking these box office records this year. Unprecedented for a female star period. And Sandy's husband. Jesse James. I will tell you my reaction to him. It is unprecedented for these women at around 60 to be playing a sexual being. And shown as sexy to the audience. Sarandon plays her age--a Grandmother, in The Lovely Bones. But of course a non-traditional Grandmother type.
And I say; to all of this: Right On. hahaha so corny.
I say It's about time.

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